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USC Programming Contest

Fall 2005 USC Programming Contest (24 September 2005)


The (slightly corrected) problems are available as a PDF document. The table below contains sample solutions programmed by participants during the contest, as well as the input data and correct solutions used by the judges.

ProblemC/C++ solutionJava solutionDavid Kempe's C solutionInputCorrect Output
A - Beach VolleyballNathaniel HoukDaniel Birkenball.cball.inball.out
B - Sand CastlesJosh LetchfordOleg Levchenkocastles.ccastles.incastles.out
C - Swimming with Sharksno solutionno solutionsharks.csharks.insharks.out
D - Sun Bathingno solutionno solutionsun.csun.insun.out
E - New Friendsno solutionno solutionfriends.cfriends.infriends.out
F - Beach Partyno solutionno solutionparty.cparty.inparty.out


There were 37 participants (and there would have been more if it hadn't been for limited lab space). The very unlikely outcome was that there was an exact tie for first place between Nathaniel Houk and Josh Letchford. The top five contestants, all of whom solved two problems, were:

RankNameProblems solvedcumulative time
1/2Nathaniel Houk (CECS Sophomore)2432
1/2Josh Letchford (CECS Senior)2432
3Morgan Brown (CSCI Sophomore)2444
4Daniel Birken (CSCI Junior)2488
5Zhan Shi (CECS Senior)2555

Cash prizes for the top four participants, as well as pizza and snacks for everyone, were sponsored by the Viterbi School of Engineering. Computer and game console games as well as T-shirt and Yoyos for additional high placing participants were sponsored by Electronic Arts.


Pictures of the contest are available for your viewing pleasure now.

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