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USC Programming Contest

Fall 2007 USC Programming Contest (15 September 2007)


The problems are available as a PDF document. The table below contains sample solutions programmed by participants during the contest, as well as the input data and correct solutions used by the judges.

ProblemC/C++ solutionJava solutionJudges' C solutionInputCorrect Output
A - Got Problems?no solutionDenis Tulskiyproblems.cproblems.inproblems.out
B - Contest SeatingNate HoukHenry Yuenseat.cseat.inseat.out
C - Format Error!Cheng-Wei LinRob Callanformat.cformat.informat.out
D - Time Limit Exceededno solutionno solutionlimit.climit.inlimit.out
E - Who gets the Prizes?Morgan BrownAadarsh Patelprizes.cprizes.inprizes.out
F - Pizza!no solutionKenny Danielpizza.cpizza.inpizza.out


There were 31 participants. Of those, 23 students solved at least one problem, 16 solved at least two problems, and 10 students at least 3 problems. Two students solved at least four problems, and one solved 5. The top five participants were the following.

RankNameProblems solvedcumulative time
1Kenny Daniel (CSCI PhD)5595
2Denis Tulskiy (CSCI Sophomore)4655
3Rob Callan (EE MS)3172
4Nate Houk (CECS Senior)3227
5Morgan Brown (CSCI Senior)3231

The complete final standings are also available.

Cash prizes for the top four participants and food were sponsored by Google and Northrop Grumman. Computer games for additional high placing participants were sponsored by Electronic Arts.

We would also like to thank several volunteers who made this programming contest possible. ITP made the labs available for the contest. Marcos Vieira, Marin Kobilarov, Kai Song, and Li Zhang developed sample solutions and helped as contest judges. UPE provided volunteers for contest setup, checkin, technical help, food, and other aspects of the contest.


Pictures of the contest are available for your viewing pleasure now.

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