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USC Programming Contest

Fall 2014 USC Programming Contest (October 5, 2014)


The problems are available as a PDF document. The table below contains sample solutions programmed by participants during the contest, as well as the input data and correct solutions used by the judges.

ProblemC/C++ solutionJava solutionJudges' solutionInputCorrect Output
A - SuperlativesMatthew BurkeTobias Leesuper.cppsuper.insuper.out
B - Forest FiresHo Ching Justin ChengMingwei Linfires.cppfires.infires.out
C - Water Main BreakJason JinKevin Tanbreak.cppbreak.inbreak.out
D - Water Main Break, FixedRochelle WillardWilson Yehfixed.cppfixed.infixed.out
E - Groundwater ReservesGaoyuan Chenno solutionground.cppground.inground.out
F - How Does Your Garden GrowGaoyuan Chenno solutiongarden.cppgarden.ingarden.out


There were 53 participants. 45 students solved at least one problem, 44 solved at least two problems, 20 students solved at least 3 problems, 12 students solved at least 4 problems, and 1 student solved all 6 problems. The top four participants were the following.

RankNameProblems solvedcumulative time
1Gaoyuan Chen (CS MS)6536
2Ruixin Qiang (CS PhD)4138
3Ehsan Emamjomeh-Zadeh (CS PhD)4147
4Xinpei Yu (CS MS)4181

The complete final standings are also available.

Cash prizes for the top participants, food, T-shirts for everyone, etc. were provided thanks to our sponsors Qualcomm, SDL, Vivantech, Facebook and Google. Computer games and swags for many participants were also donated by Electronic Arts.

We would like to thank VSoE for making the labs available for the contest. David Kempe wrote the problem set. Noel Overkamp and Yu Cheng developed sample solutions and judge's test data. Fritzie Mercado designed the contest shirts. Jun Chen and Rongqi Qiu worked as contest judge. Jing Huang helped with all aspects of preparation and registration. We would also like to thank our volunteer Siyu Yue, Ho Yee Cheung and Prudhvi Kantipudi who helped running the contest.


Pictures of the contest are available for your viewing pleasure (photo credit: Yu Cheng).

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