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USC Programming Contest

Spring 2017 USC Programming Contest


The problems are available as a PDF document. The table below contains sample solutions programmed by participants during the contest, as well as the input data and correct solutions used by the judges.

ProblemC/C++ solutionJava solutionJudges' solutionInputCorrect Output
A - Advertising RevenueZexia ZhangSriram Somasundaramrevenue.cpprevenue.inrevenue.out
B - Voter Depressionno solutionno solutiondepress.cppdepress.indepress.out
C - Tracking Fake NewsHardik GoyalNitin Suranatracking.cpptracking.intracking.out
D - Creating Fake NewsRun Xiano solutioncreating.cppcreating.increating.out
E - Bot Or NotJingyun YangHemant Kundabotornot.cppbotornot.inbotornot.out
F - Nothing But The TruthRonald Yuno solutiontruth.cpptruth.intruth.out


There were 27 participants. All students solved at least one problem, 21 solved at least two problems, 11 solved at least 3, 4 solved 4.

RankNameProblems solvedcumulative time
1Run Xia (CS MS)4365
2Ronald Yu (CS MS)4374
3Jingyun Yang (CS Freshman)4469
4Mark Klein (CS Freshman)4540

The complete final standings are also available.

Cash prizes for the top participants, food, T-shirts for everyone, swgas, etc. were provided thanks to our sponsors Facebook, Google, Northrop Grumman, Qualcomm and SDL. Computer games for many participants were also donated by Electronic Arts.

We would like to thank VSoE for making the labs available for the contest. David Kempe wrote the problem set. Yu Cheng and Ruixin Qiang provided standard solutions and test cases. Yuehui Wang worked as a contest judge. Michael Shindler hosted the ceremony.


Pictures of the contest are available for your viewing pleasure.

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